We are really fortunate here at Snakesbury to be surrounded by pockets of woodland, some of which have my spring favourite: bluebells. I took a walk up to the closest patch of blue yesterday. It was a very typical spring day – cold wind but bright warm sun broken by short, heavy and sudden showers.


This year’s crop is wheat. Looking back east you can see for quite a distance. Snakesbury is the field in the centre of this pic (the one with the 2 mounds..). In the distance there’s yellowing fields of canola. You can just about make out the 11th century church poking out of the dark area in the centre right of the pic.


This bit of woodland is mainly sweet chestnut, which look like they have been planted for some kind of commercial activity. The bluebells are not quite fully open yet, but you can get an idea of what they will look like.


I don’t know how many bluebells there would be in an area like this, but it has to be thousands. They’re most successful in deciduous woodland, doing their thing with some speed before the canopy of leaves above them shuts out the sunlight. A beautiful sight.


I will have to re-visit in a few days when they have opened fully. I’m very grateful to have these wonders right on our doorstep.



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