September’s here again. Wheat has been harvested and the swallows are fattening up for their trip overseas to Africa. Nights are cooler and bring a heavy dew with some mist. Some leaves are starting to turn. Autumn is coming

The extreme summer heat has produced a bountiful harvest. Here’s a few of the treats we’ve enjoyed during late summer.


There’s a lot more to enjoy – here’s a few September treats:


Winter brassicas are in; string around them will hopefully deter the pigeons. Celeriac, parsnips, beetroot, kale, spinach and leeks will be ready for when the nights are longer – they’ll remind us of the heat and light of the outstanding summer of 2018.


Summer heat

This summer. Days of sun, we’ve had. ¬†It cools down rapidly at night in this part of Kent, perhaps the proximity to the coast. Mornings are generally cool and cloudy until about 11 when the sun returns. Perfect growing weather – although I’m considering the merits of a shadehouse.

The dieramas have done very well this year. I forget that they’re there until the flowers emerge and I want more of them.

IMG_0777Eremerus, the foxtail lilly – specialist in catching all of the sun.

IMG_0796Giant oat grass, agastache and gaura have taken over in this wild bed.

IMG_0792Berberis emerges from a mist of stipa.

IMG_0798A long view of the grasses bed with the stables in the background.

IMG_0769Colours: clash or compliment.

IMG_0816Catching as much sun as possible.

IMG_0812The field grass is starting to turn gold.

IMG_0805Long shadows in the evening light.

IMG_0755Morello cherries: delicious sourness.

IMG_4220More raspberries than we can eat.  Summertime; blissful abundance.


Spring harvest

This evening we ate from the garden; spinach, parsley, purple sprouting broccoli in a Japanese-style stir fry with noodles, followed by the sweetest juiciest strawberries.


The strawberries have been growing in the poly tunnel since January. Thankfully this under-cover cultivation has not resulted in those tasteless red fruit so often sold as strawberries. We have also had some really good rhubarb – its a good year for it.

There’s much to look forward to later in the year: broad beans, peas, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, melons, logan/black/blue/goose and raspberries, red and white currants, beans, kale, beetroot, chard, garlic, leeks, sweetcorn, tomatoes, aubergines, lettuce, kohlrabi, celeriac, courgettes, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Herb-wise there’s sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, coriander and basil. Fruit-wise there should be cherries, apples, pears, medlars, plums, damsons, figs and quince.

I’ll post more about these as they arrive. It’s very grounding to eat with the seasons; we are so grateful for this bounty of edibles.