About this site

This is a blog of life through the seasons at Snakesbury, a 5 acre plot in Kent, England. Home to me and my life partner Al, the house was built in the 1860’s and is surrounded by gardens and fields.  The name Snakesbury originates from the adjoining road that used to ‘snake’ around an ancient dew pond. We both consider ourselves very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the UK.

39726556402_123043e260_oA view across the field taken into the midday winter sun

17340978350_915f90b52e_k.jpgThe front garden looking dreamy in this spring sunset

27802039743_e7f6707f78_oEarly morning summer sun across a neighbouring field

38894968101_b4bd5ee08b_kAfter an autumn storm the trees are stripped bare for winter

38955016261_6d5ce8c00f_kA sudden winter snowfall brings the borders into sharp relief